Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?

These days, most couples are on board with hiring a photographer. Videography, however, is newer in the wedding field, and many brides find themselves asking the question, “Is a videographer worth it?” The answer seems to be a resounding YES! A simple google search of the question leads to a multitude of articles stressing the pros of having a wedding film made, and even more brides commenting about how pleased they are with their wedding videos, or lamenting the fact that they chose not to have one. Even The Knot states that hiring a videographer is “definitely a must.”


The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Videographer

So what are the benefits? For one, video captures two things that photos cannot: movement and sound. A video will allow you to watch the way your partner’s face lights up when they see you for the first time on your big day, see the emotions play across your faces as you both say your vows, and listen to the laughter and cheers of your loved ones while the toasts are given. And who doesn’t want to watch their first dance, or see everyone’s awesome moves on the dance floor?

A video also allows you to relive your once-in-a-lifetime day more than once, as it is much more immersive. This also gives those that were unable to attend the wedding the opportunity to see your wedding the way that those who were able to attend saw it. Additionally, many brides state that while it is definitely nice to have pictures of the wedding, they rewatched their video much more often.

So yes. The majority of brides agree that you should budget for a videographer in your wedding, even if it is only for a shorter, highlight-reel of the day. Your future self will thank you for the memories you get to look back on!

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